Campaign details

Advertiser: Nestlé
Brand: Nestlé
Country: Brazil

Research and planning are at the root of each and every communication project. True? Yes true, but when carried out separately (without the obligation, as is so often seen, to support even minimally the ideas behind an initial theory), these two such fundamental actions may also take a project along a totally different path than the one intended. This was exactly what happened with the Dairy for You project, entrusted by Nestlé to Llorente & Cuenca in Brazil, at the end of 2015.

What did the client want? To identify, collect, organize and give consistency, within a single and coherent narrative, to the many actions which make the company a benchmark for all the country's milk industry. These include building loyalty and support to producers, incentivizing entrepreneurship in rural areas, animal welfare, traceability and extreme quality control (over 500 tests per sample of milk!), sustainability of production processes; in short a whole range of initiatives and professions which make the company stand out in a sector which is extremely diluted (the largest players together account for just a little over 50%). Ultimately, the idea is for this narrative to be used in campaigns aimed at mobilizing the entire sector towards minimum quality practices based on the company's actions.