Statement of Merit

According to psychologist Robert Cialdini's Laws of Persuasion, more particularly the Law of Reciprocity, if something is given away "for free," people are inclined to reciprocate.

In communications, the idea is to first Seek to Understand before being understood If one makes an honest attempt to understand his audience and their needs, then the audience is more inclined to respond in kind. The Nestle Breakfast campaign is an example of this above maxim.

The prevalence of non-communicable diseases is on the rise in Mauritius.

The "#Monnbienkale-Kick start your day with a healthy breakfast" campaign" a first in the country, was conceived to fight this situation while selflessly connecting the Nestle brand to the local population. How? By reaching out to the people and providing them with nutritional advice and a free breakfast. According to the Ministry of Health, non-communicable diseases affect around 1/3 of the local population, aged between 25 to 75 years old.

For total of 21 days, over five weeks, NPML embarked on a mobile bus tout to sensitize the population on the importance and benefits of a healthy breakfast.
  • The challenge: get busy commuters, students, and office workers, from an over the island, to step into the bus and eat a breakfast while listening to the advice of a nutritionist.
  • The campaign: use of personal interactions, earned and social media.