Campaign details

Advertiser: Myanmar Post and Telecommunications
Brand: Myanmar Post and Telecoms
Agency: Echo Myanmar
Country: Myanmar

In March 2016, Myanma Posts and Telecommunications (MPT), Myanmar's largest telco, contacted Echo after hearing about a CSR campaign we managed on behalf of local conglomerate Kanbawza Group. They wanted us to quote for a press conference around the money they had raised through a vanity number auction.

They raised nearly $200,000 and only knew they wanted to donate it charitably and do one press event around that donation. But Echo at this point was still hungry to make a name for itself, not even one year old at the time, and identified a much larger opportunity for MPT.

Through consulting them further and understanding their stakeholder objectives in rural areas, we discovered they needed to build their reputation among key rural stakeholders (which included the general public, monastic communities and media) since smartphone ownership had been expanding rapidly in Myanmar (80% smartphone penetration, up from 9.5% in 2013).