Situation Analysis

Football is the most popular sport in Myanmar, however its golden age was from 1948 -1970. During this era, Myanmar had many talented players and sent the best to the 1954 Asian Games to capture a bronze medal. This marked the beginning of a golden age: in the 1966 Asian Games, Myanmar team won a gold medal, in the 1986 Asian Cup it finished as runner-up to Iran. Myanmar football even qualified for the 1972 Olympics, which were held in Munich.

Then, a lack of funding, poor sports infrastructure, economic recessions and years of military rule proved too much for Myanmar football and the accomplishments became distant beloved memories of Myanmar people until today. The series of troubles took Myanmar from a global talent to one of Asia's weakest teams.

In the past years, Myanmar football has made great gains and many brands and organizations find it a great way to promote inclusion, health and community-based initiatives due to its wide-use and market leading position in terms of users. So, Myanma Posts & Telecommunications (MPT), through a three-year partnership with Myanmar National League (MNL) and Myanmar Football Federation (MFF) pledged to drive participation of children and youth in football, support the country's few youth academies and once again realize the immense individual athletic potential of youth who dream of football to bring Myanmar football towards a golden era again.