Description of the assignment

Now in its third year, #SheMakesltWork is an integrated and data-led, insights-driven communications campaign for (Southeast Asia) with the aim to urge stay-at-home or new mums to re-launch their careers.

As Monster is all about jobs, this campaign aims to drive a change in perception, showing new mums that their talent and experience is relevant, necessary and needed by organisations in SEA - and showing employers that they are missing out by not tapping onto this rich pool of talent who are searching for ways to jump back into the workforce.

This campaign has been a step outside the comfort zone for Monster over the years, who had never previously conducted any insights-driven campaigns that crossed PR, social and content - nor focused specifically on this demographic. There was an education process to producing these campaigns, however the theme and narrative slides right into Monster's topline key messaging around promoting work-life balance and encouraging companies across the region to focus on internal policies that better support talent in their endeavours to lead a balanced life. Through this campaign, the message is clear that Monster cares about the topic at hand, and is being seen as a champion of work-life balance.