Campaign details

Brand: Microsoft Poland
Agency: dfusion communication


  • Our task was to underline the creative features of the New Surface Pro, Microsoft 2in1 device, launched on Polish market and present it to the wide-range of media as well as direct group of graphic designers.
  • Digital painting is one of the most interesting topics nowadays. On the other hand – classic, analogue paintings, are still something which is desirable by people and connected with high art. Furthermore, such paintings are often associated with expensive things, which many people simply can't afford.
  • Therefore we have decided to run our very own Surface digital – and analogue – gallery of art, open to Internet users and broader public. This is how the idea of Surface AntyLuwr (Eng. Surface AntiLouvre) emerged.
  • It referred to paintings hanging inside the Louvre Museum walls, but in a distorting mirror.