Campaign details

Brand: Merck Sharp & Dohme

Spring 2018

The vaccination rate against HPV is only 3%. HPV virus causes the second most spread cancer among women - cervical cancer. It can also cause other kinds of cancer, genital warts and other medical problems. It can be largely prevented by vaccination.

Why? Slovaks don't know what HPV is or what it causes. The vaccine was not fully reimbursed so not everybody could have afforded it. Strong anti-vax campaigning.


  • Make HPV vaccination wanted
  • Educate teenagers and their mothers about HPV.
  • Emphasize that there is a possibility of prevention through vaccination.
  • Change HPV vaccination policy in Slovakia.

Change of vaccination policy - poiticians and decision makers listen to public demand. To create a wide interest about HPV, we started a campaign for two vaccinee target goups. Teenagers and mothers.

How to Overcome Lack of Knowledge and Disrupt The Taboo Topic?

  • Phase 1 -Spring 2018
  • Target groups: teenagers
  • Challenges: HPV awareness is very low.