During our discovery, we found that, while many moms choose to breastfeed, 1 in 4 do not make it past the first 21 daysi,ii. Of the many barriers to breastfeeding successfully, one of the biggest—and undiscussed—is the lack of realistic expectations. Breastfeeding is an unpredictable and unique journey for every mom.

Medela, together with Ogilvy, set out to prove that, with the right support, all moms should be able to overcome any unexpected breastfeeding hurdles and make it 22 days of breastfeeding. The idea was born – if we can get breastfeeding moms past the first three weeks, or 21 days, they will hopefully be able to breastfeed for as long as they choose. To support moms in reaching day 22, we launched #22Victories, an integrated campaign partnering with real moms to show the unfiltered struggles of those first three weeks.

We followed two first-time moms in real-time (Carolina and MJ)—from their baby's birth to day 22—and had them share every painful moment, success and hiccup in between. We partnered with these two moms because of their influential online audiences on Instagram and the fact that they were expected to give birth around August 2018 (National Breastfeeding Awareness Month is annually recognized in August). Both moms were excited and willing to share their unfiltered and raw breastfeeding experiences with Medela's community of moms and their own followers on social media, although neither knew what it would truly be like. After giving birth, both moms created daily diary-like video and photo content, capturing the authentic and powerful moments of their breastfeeding experiences in real-time.