Campaign details

Brand: Mastercard
Agency: Ketchum, McCann, BMF

Situation Analysis

The concept of acceptance virtually defines Mastercard's products and services. Having your name on a Mastercard effectively allows retailers to "accept" you at the point of sale. But in recent years, acceptance has taken on an even deeper meaning for the brand.

For many in the LGBTQIA+ community, the name on their card does not reflect their true identity. For the transgender and non-binary communities in particular, the card in their pocket can serve as a source of sensitivity, misrepresenting their true identity every time they are asked to present it.

In the 10+ years that Mastercard has sponsored NYC Pride, the cultural landscape has shifted dramatically. Corporate involvement in Pride is now ubiquitous and, at times, controversial. In order to have a meaningful and differentiated presence, Mastercard needed to do something unprecedented.