Executive Summary


Marvel Mystery Oil, the original oil enhancer and fuel treatment, boasts nearly a century-long legacy. For much of its 90+-year history, the brand has relied on word-of-mouth from loyal gearhead users who swore by the product to drive awareness and sales. But charged with growing sales, the brand decided to invest in marketing last year, launching its social media presence.

After initial success, Marvel this year looked to maintain sales growth and steal market share from competitors by deepening its online engagement. From a new product development standpoint, Marvel had the additional challenge of generating buzz for two new motor oils.

In short, the legacy brand wanted to continue momentum in 2018 — and turned to the agency to ensure it was running on all cylinders.


Informed by the insight that "gearheads," A.K.A. people who appreciate and work on cars, hungered for an online forum to discuss Marvel and the agency developed and executed a content strategy to launch the brand's Facebook presence. The focus of the content was The Marvelizer - a 1923 hot rod built by influencer partner Max Herman -which, like Marvel, celebrated its 95th anniversary this year.