Campaign details

Brand: LMC
Agency: AC&C Public Relations


Our client, LMC, that runs several career & education online websites, wants to assist people in their decision and determination to seek jobs that will make them satisfied or even happy. In our country, there is extremely low unemployment; and in addition to that, there is lack of IT workers. On the other hand, there are regions where heavy industry was dominant in the past. However, there is now a high unemployment rate mainly of low profile workers, especially those who have worked in mining industry. The reason is that the mines have been closed, one after another.

Under these circumstances, we offered coal miners a possibility to attend a retraining course at a university, sponsored by LMC. The graduates can become coders. They would receive the same salary as miners, moreover they would work in more comfortable environment, and, of course, would have a job with brighter future. This was a big chance for miners, as well as for LMC to have a great story. The target of the project is to serve as an inspiration – story of even one or two miners changing their lives for the better should inspire other people to do the same. There is a simple message sent out by LMC: Take care of your own life, find the job you love, study if needed, and change your career and life.