Campaign details

Brand: Festivaliu aljansas
Agency: Fabula Hill+Knowlton Strategies

Summary of the campaign

Lithuanian politics announced an intent to ban alcohol sales in mass events (music festivals, art exhibitions, concerts incl.). Music and culture promoters, sports and music celebrities joined #FreedomToRockNRoll initiative to stop illogical bans. Reasoned discussions and peaceful protest-concerts helped to reach the goal: proposal to outlaw alcohol sales at mass events was withdrawn from the government paper.


The government announced new legislation aimed at restricting alcohol availability. One of provisions forbids sale of any alcoholic drinks during mass events (festivals, sports, theatres or exhibitions). Entertainment business reacts by joining into an informal coalition which vows to fight such legislation as erroneous, excessive and plainly out of touch with reality. Coalition points out that the proposed legislation completely ignores 10 years of experience in festival business which proves that their organizers themselves have learned how to tackle irresponsible drinking and ensure security.