Campaign details

Brand: Lipton
Agency: Red Media Africa

Campaign description

Nigerians are very religious, with about half of its 180 million citizens as Muslims. This was an incentive for the Lipton brand to leverage on the Ramadan season to launch a campaign message on 'Doing Good', thereby connecting with both Christian and Muslim consumers across Nigeria with a message of love.

The aim was to connect with consumers on an emotional level. Through the campaign, Lipton intended to drive an emotional narrative that prompts the target audience to not only talk about being good, but actually take steps/actions in their communities.

The ''Think Less Do More'' tagline was constantly used in our communication materials to drive Nigerians to do good with 'Don't Just Think: DO' was the communication theme.

This campaign was also to build a stronger connection with Lipton consumers across the country in a way that encourages consumption during and beyond Ramadan.