Every year in Peru, 4,500 new cases of prostate, testicular, and penile cancer are detected in males from which 2,400 lead to death. The League Against Cancer, an institution that had dedicated almost 70 years to promote the prevention of cancer for Peruvian women, expanded its medical coverage to men as well. However, two years into the expansion, the attention to males only represented 8% of the total. That is how “I Love My Balls”, a campaign created exclusively for Instagram was able to garner the participation of more than 100 influencers in just 30 days, uniting the population, generating a reach of over 90 million and more than 2 million interactions. This allowed for 1800 males to carry out preventive checkups for prostate, testicular, and penile cancer, which represented an increase of 1,800% of the total appointments.

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