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Agency: LEGO Education

Whoosh. It's an unmistakable sound. The sound of LEGO bricks tumbling out of a box onto the floor. Once it happens, everyone within earshot is immediately excited – today we're building with LEGO bricks!

That whoosh sound has been enthralling children and adults for more than 60 years, whether it's in a basement, a playroom, or a classroom. For almost 40 of those 60 years, LEGO Education has been creating boxes filled with LEGO bricks designed especially for classrooms, igniting the hearts and minds of children around STEAM learning. In fact, teachers report fewer kids are absent on days they'll be learning with LEGO bricks. While everyone knows and loves LEGO, awareness for LEGO Education is low among teachers, education decisionmakers and parents.

LEGO Education's tools like Build Me "Emotions" sets teach preschool students how to identify emotions, while WeDo2.0 sets get primary school students excited about coding and STEAM skills critical for the next generation workforce. But as LEGO Education looked at the landscape and the increasing number of companies in the STEAM learning space, there was a significant gap in learning tools for middle school students. Middle school is a unique time in life – more changes happen physically and emotionally in a middle schooler than any other time in life except toddler years. The acne, the awkwardness, the emotional outbursts, it adds up to kids in this age group losing their confidence – that applies to learning too. During middle school, confidence and interest in learning are at an all-time low.