Campaign details

Brand: King County Metro
Agency: C+C

The Situation

  • Despite Seattle's "nightmare traffic" (the fifth-worst in the nation), King County Metro was fighting a losing battle to get people out from behind the wheel and onto a bus, bike, or carpool.
  • Halfway through Just One Trip, Metro's four-year campaign to encourage transit use, the program had only gotten residents to switch 100,000 solo driving trips - just 12% of goal - and recruited only 25% of the desired participants.

The Task

  • For Phase II of Just One Trip, reduce 400,000 solo driving trips (quadruple the results of Phase I) and recruit triple the participants (15,000) - all with the same budget as Phase I.


Metro's research consultant had surveyed 7,200 residents over two years, measuring current travel behavior and attitudes about transportation. Residents were in agreement that congestion was an issue and that it would take everyone to solve it.