Campaign details

Advertiser: Kimberly-Clark
Brand: Kimberly-Clark
Agency: Mindshare
Country: Latin America

Brief Description of the Assignment

Introducing The K-C Way is a program through which we changed the conversation for Ethics & Compliance (E&C) within Kimberly-Clark Latin America. We went from a situation of passive agreement that the Code of Conduct and E&C was important to the organization, to a discussion and change in mindset that put it at the core of WHO WE ARE as a company.

At the time we began work, skeptic employees felt they didn't need a lecture, Fearful employees felt engaging in conversation meant they were being denouncers, Indifferent employees were tired of annual trainings and soundbites. We knew past messaging had run its course in effectiveness and a thoughtful approach was needed.

With research in hand on the insights and beliefs that blocked the conversation, we set out to create a brand profile for Ethics & Compliance with functional and emotional promises and a narrative to tell the story. At the center of the narrative, a call to build a Kimberly-Clark we can all be proud of and the tool with which to do it: The K-C Way. Introducing The K-C Way allowed us to define what doing the right thing meant and broadened the conversation beyond E&C by creating an umbrella concept that:

  1. Took E&C to a place that reframed the game with the use of trusted, everyday elements – Our Kimberly-Clark Behaviors, Values, Culture of Safety.
  2. Made evident that doing the right thing has always been in our DNA.