Campaign details

Brand: KFC

Intercepting the online Black Friday conversation

  • The truth is, we could do #BlackFriday just like everyone else. We could also give great discounts on great-tasting fried chicken, but honestly, why would we do that when we would rather reward our fans for doing something a little easier and less stressful for Black Friday?
  • To create a breakthrough campaign, we needed to be a brand that listened, a brand that put our consumers' needs at the heart of our brand and to drive real brand love through real-time social listening by letting social-media consumers drive the #KFCBlackFriedDay conversation on the biggest shopping day of the year, without even knowing it.
  • Using social listening, we tactically rewarded people with a KFC Voucher (wi-Code) for their commitment to #BlackFriday because we know how exhausting it is to wait in an online queue or how time consuming it is to trawl the internet for those perfect sneakers at the best discount or even just how gruelling it can be to shop and tweet about your Black-Friday experience while being shoved, prodded, pushed and poked in the online and offline spheres!

The challenges

  1. Times are tough in the current economic climate, and people have less money for luxuries like fashion and technology. We also know that the general sentiment around Black Friday related campaigns, both online and offline, often pivots toward the negative for many reasons. Consumers can become outraged at brands with poor discounts, misleading offers/specials, malfunctioning online e-commerce sites and more.
  2. As a QSR (Quick-Service Restaurant) brand, KFC wouldn't have an obvious role to play in the spirit of Black Friday. KFC isn't a purchase consumers would traditionally be interested in when considering the other more conventional Black Friday categories: fashion, household, travel, groceries, tech etc