The Assignment

Kellogg is the market leader in Australia, but the Cereal market is in decline. As a result of cutting out this fibre rich food group, the country is in a fibre crisis - 72% of Australian adults and 58% of Aussie kids aren't meeting their daily fibre needs. This is leading to poor gastrointestinal health, and has the potential to cause AUD$1.5bn dollars of unnecessary health care costs.

Our objectives were to reach 10 million people across Australia and New Zealand, 50 pieces of coverage with key message in 90% of those, 100% growth in engagement in Kellogg's educational platform "open for breakfast" and ultimately to help stop the 5% decline cereals were experiencing.

The Challenge

We knew the landscape around gut health was cluttered, filled with sexier, newer gut health 'innovations' and breakfast competitors.

Kellogg would be opening the door to the gut health conversation and benefits of cereal within it through a TVC but and on pack messaging around the feeling of being 'fibre fit.'