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Brand: Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board
Agency: Exponent PR

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, consists of 97% protected lands, making it a compelling destination for travelers seeking adventure, authenticity and rugged beauty. But with more people visiting than ever before, these fragile landscapes were threatened. The culprit? Instagram geotagging.

Thanks to geotagging, we can easily tell our friends and social followers where we've been. It creates cachet and even a sense of community and connection. But what was once an intimate moment in a remote place of beauty was now being instantly broadcast to millions. Social media was leaving digital trails that were putting Jackson Hole's wilderness at risk.

Although locals were happy that the tourism business was booming, there was a growing concern that the natural "gems" of Jackson Hole were going to soon be overrun. Locations such as the once-hidden Delta Lake in Grand Teton National Park were now being broadcast across Instagram feeds, with more people following the geotag off the beaten trail to snap a photo of the lake's pristine blue waters. The result? Mass erosion, five major search-and-rescue operations and a national park with limited resources to deal with the problem. The protection of these places was imperative not only for the preservation of their beauty, but also for the safety of those visiting Jackson Hole.