Campaign details

Agency: AvianWE
Brand: International Finance Corporation

However, the stark reality that continues to plague the potential management of e-waste in India is

  1. While the informal sector (95%) dominates collection and recycling of e-waste in a hazardous manner, the formal sector (5%) with its available resources and technology also wasn't really focusing on efficient e-waste management.
  2. Poor enforcement of legislation on e-waste management has allowed the formal sector manufacturers to continually not meet their obligations and invest in responsible collection/recycling.
  3. Since there is lack of awareness among the general public about the safe disposal of e-waste, there is not enough pressure on producers of e-waste to be responsible in meeting their obligations.

Campaign Objective

  1. Create awareness about the e-waste crisis situation in the country and educate consumers about their responsibilities of safe disposal of e-waste.
  2. Have more producers enrolled for Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) model, authorised by Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) on board, in order to manage and meet their targeted e-waste obligation.
  3. Raise awareness among all stakeholders (bulk consumers, manufacturers, civil society) about the hazards of e-waste.
  4. Build thought leadership for International Finance Corporation (IFC) and its partner Karo Sambhav (Producer Responsibility Organisation) as champions for PRO model.

Audience Focus