Every year, nearly 1.35 million people are killed in traffic accidents around the world, with 260,000 of them in China. The World Health Organization in China has dubbed the situation a "public health crisis". Statistics show that 94% of accidents are caused by human error, with 80% occurring when a vehicle or pedestrian enters another's blind spot.

To address this problem, Intel subsidiary Mobileye created a solution: an installation for city buses which detects pedestrians and cyclists entering the bus's blind spot and alerts the driver, helping avert a traffic accident. The system also collects traffic data, which can be used to improve the safety of public transportation in the future.

However, the adoption of Mobileye solutions was slow in China, where many urban officials and bus operators struggled to understand the complex new technology. And any new technology to be installed on hundreds of buses, especially one where the safety of passengers and pedestrians was at stake, was no choice to be made lightly. Only a company that was recognized and trusted as reliable and competent would be able to win over purchasers and regulators.


  • Establish Mobileye's visibility and credibility in China
  • Promote sales of Mobileye's products in China
  • Position Mobileye as a leader in smart transportation, laying a foundation for business development in China

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