Imagine what your life would be like if you couldn't drink coffee without spilling it everywhere. Or hold a spoon steady enough to eat your favorite soup. Or tie your shoelaces by yourself. This is the reality for people living with Essential Tremor (ET), which is the most common movement disorder in the U.S., affecting more than 7 million people – the majority of whom are elderly.

Characterized by uncontrollable shaking, those living with ET find basic tasks like eating, dressing and writing significantly disrupted, dramatically impacting everyday life. Symptoms often cause people to withdraw socially, leading to psychological stress, which in turn makes the tremors worse. Many patients do not respond to prescribed medications, forcing them to choose between invasive brain surgery or simply doing nothing.

Enter INSIGHTEC, a medical technology company based in Israel that is helping ET sufferers reclaim their livelihoods with the development of a revolutionary, non-invasive neurosurgery treatment that uses MRI-guided focused ultrasound to identify and ablate targets deep in the brain without any surgical incisions whatsoever. This represents an entirely new standard of care for patients, who no longer have to worry about surgery and long recovery times, enabling a rapid return to daily life. It is truly groundbreaking.