Why is this Campaign Worthy of an Award?

What do you do when Gender Equality is a problem in your country, but nobody speaks about it? You get up there and become the voice that starts a movement!

IKEA believes that everyone wins when all people are offered equal opportunities for development, no matter their gender or social status. Equality does not come with a sacrifice. It's not an act of pity or charity, and it doesn't mean giving anything up. It's the exact opposite. Equality is better for everyone - for all individuals, as well as for society and business. And it's at the workplace that equality really thrives and goes from an idea to reality. With this thought in mind, IKEA Romania started a journey proving that equality makes all the business sense in world.

Through the "Equality works better" campaign IKEA Romania put the topic of gender equality on the public agenda, engaged authorities up to the highest level, NGOs and internal stakeholders, proved that brands can change perceptions and contribute to a better society. It was one of the few campaigns generated by companies that ever gained the attention of the Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, who endorsed it officially.