Campaign details

Brand: Hungarian Telekom
Agency: Uniomedia


Hungarian population is ageing rapidly, while their digital literacy is very low: 19% of the total population is over 65 but only 6% of Hungarian Facebook users come from this age group. 64% of them uses the internet less than once per month and just one in four elderly people (25%) has ever been on YouTube in their life. Digital literacy and proficiency in handling digital devices have become a major divide separating generations, which is a major issue during the summer holiday: children spend more time with grandparents - and often have nothing to do together. Telekom's brand platform is #GenerationNOW and our mission is to involve everybody in the digital world – regardless of their age.

We realized that even though childhood years pass, playfulness doesn't: grandparents can become digital through online gaming - all you need to do is teach them.