Insurance in Australia is a tricky landscape to navigate. Fiercely competitive, cumbersome, overpriced and often problematic, many Aussies question its value. Some studies suggest that up to one in five Australian cars (that's approx. four million vehicles) are uninsured and that private health insurance rates are at a decade-long low.

Why? Australians are struggling to justify the insurance cost vs. return ratio. It's an industry ripe for innovation.

Enter Huddle, a next generation insurance provider using Al to disrupt the market. Huddle is out to change the face of insurance in Australia (and potentially the globe!). Using intuitive tech they're lowering the cost of insurance for Australians, ensuring Aussies worry less while also giving customers the power to decide how their money is used in an industry first.

Sling & Stone is purpose built to work with brands that are shaping the future, and we partnered with Huddle to help them take on an archaic industry ripe for disruption.

The challenge