Campaign details

Brand: Huawei
Agency: Mischief PR


Huawei reunited two on-screen heroes to highlight THE selling point of the Mate 20 Pro handset- reverse wireless charging.

Stephen Graham and Thomas Turgoose - famed for their roles in 'This Is England' - appeared in a moody drama for the phone brand in which Graham finds himself in serious trouble before his Mate (20 Pro) comes to the rescue by donating battery charge.

The film, shared via earned media and social channels, ends with a mock charity call to action with Turgoose asking others to recharge their mates phones over the festive period. Over 50 pieces of coverage and a million views of the content in five days led to the highest spike in Google searches for the brand in 2018 - showing that Huawei could create cultural currency in the UK at a monumental time for the brand.

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