When the most advanced technology and talent combine, the result is so amazing that it can exceed the limits of what's humanly possible

To prove this, Huawei took upon itself to finish the enigmatic Unfinished Symphony that Austrian composer Franz Schubert, left uncompleted 197 years ago, and then play it live with a prestigious conductor and the best symphonic orchestra on a spectacular stage.

The challenge was monumental, but not impossible.


  • Huawei's goal is to digitally connect every person, home and organization around the world and drive major innovation to improve the quality of life of its users through communication.
  • For several years, the company has focused a large part of its work (and 10% of its annual revenue) on Research and Development. In 2017, it created the first smartphone with native Artificial Intelligence.
  • Premium smartphone users are interested in the arts and culture, but they have no real understanding or interest in technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence.
  • When Huawei launched its smartphones in Mexico, the market was already dominated by competing brands (Apple and Samsung), and Chinese brands in general had a very poor reputation and were only really found in the low-end sector.