Situation Analysis

For the past two years, HP has reinforced the company's legacy promoting diversity and inclusion in its brand communications as part of HP's Reinvent Mindsets campaign - a series of films focused on unconscious bias in hiring. Each film identified a unique insight of key hiring communities - African American, women, LGBTQ and Latino - to position HP as an employer of choice and as a company who makes hiring decisions based only on talent.

Building on the success of the initial efforts, HP determined it was time to bring the spirit of this campaign to a broader audience with the "All-American Family Portrait" film, focused on the changing face of American families. The film looks at the unconscious bias that persists despite the growing diversity of America's families.

Based on ongoing feedback from the Reinvent Mindsets campaign - and HP fielded research - the company piloted a purpose-driven campaign that brought attention to unconscious bias, while promoting the relevance of printed photos in today's screen-driven world. A first-of-its kind pilot, the "All-American Family Portrait" film focused on one core objective: reinforcing HP's leadership in diversity and inclusion. This was important because it is not only the right thing to do, but HP was betting that it will positively impact the company's bottom line with printer sales.