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Advertiser: Slack
Brand: Slack
Agency: Rsquared Communciations
Country: United States

As the first external group to use Slack while it was still in beta, Rsquared Communication has grown up alongside Slack in many ways. Less than a year after we started using Slack, we were working alongside all of our clients in Slack. While we still send email externally to journalists and event organizers, all internal communication, including with clients, has virtually disappeared.

Slack reduces friction around finding information, gives us richer context, and allows us to make quicker and more informed decisions. It also ensures our team in Vancouver, B.C. stays in close contact with the San Francisco head office.

We use Slack integrations in a unique way to tailor it to the needs of our agency. For example, we use the IFTTT integration to automate coverage tracking. Google alerts are often delayed, so instead of manually checking to see if an article published, IFTTT bot immediately sends anticipated coverage to a Slack channel.