Campaign details

Advertiser: M-KOPA
Agency: Levanter Africa

Building a world-leading reputation using our customers

Growing a global reputation

Nairobi-based M-KOPA has become the leading 'pay-as- you-go' energy provider to off grid homes. It has developed a better way to provide affordable, safe and clean energy to billions of people living off the grid.

Along with its agency, Levanter Africa, M-KOPA has established a category-leading reputation and this has helped drive up sales volumes and position the company as a global leader.

A powerful and simple proposition

When the team started communicating proactively about M-KOPA in January 2014, we realized that M-KOPA's promise to its customers was simple and incredibly powerful.

For the same cost as what a low income, off grid home was spending on kerosene, M-KOPA was offering a connection to solar power for lights, phone charging and radio. And we realized that this was truly transformational for these customers to be able to live, study, connect and socialize like never before.