Campaign details

Agency: Genesis BCW
Brand: Horlicks

Situation Analysis

Every hour, a student commits suicide in India. Conversations with counsellors reveal exam and career stress as one of the key reasons. Horlicks, which has always focused on the need for extra nutrition during exams, realized that there is another type of nutrition that is equally vital—emotional nutrition. Based on this insight, Horlicks decided to shine a light on the issue, using the example of Kota, a small town in Rajasthan, India, and the hub of private coaching institutes for the toughest competitive college entrance exams.

Using hard-hitting visual content, Horlicks launched an integrated campaign, Emotional Nutrition, in the build-up to exam time. Through public relations, films, digital media and influencers, the campaign targeted mothers, driving home the message that while Horlicks was there for physical nutrition, only they could give their children the emotional nutrition to cope with exam stress. The three-month campaign achieved 150 million impressions through 500+ influencers and led to 10% increase in the sale of Horlicks.