• HONOR is a smartphone brand under the Huawei Group, born for millennials. Research showed Chinese brands remain an enigma in the eyes of their global audience.
  • HONOR needed to establish a stronger brand image that resonated with millennials, one that recognized the brand as a champion for global millennials to chase their dreams and dare to be different.
  • While HONOR's innovation and well-designed products were well-known among technology media, it was lesser known and appreciated by lifestyle media and KOLs.


  • Media Goal: Expand global media coverage from technology to lifestyle and art focused, positioning HONOR as a leader in smartphone design and to associate the brand with KOLs in the lifestyle, art and culture categories.
  • Behavioral Goal: Drive direct consumer interactions physically and virtually; and encourage audience to relate HONOR and Color.
  • Business Goal: Reach HONOR's long term goal of becoming a Top 5 smartphone brand in 3 years and Top 3 smartphone brand in 5 years globally by increasing brand ranking through sales.