Situation Analysis

Coca-Cola Myanmar has been running Women's inclusion initiatives at the grassroots and value-chain level for years. This international women's Day, it wanted to not focus on a specific campaign or program, but personalize all of its good work by putting faces to the names and cooperating with traditional and new media to raise awareness of the programs and its "Doing Business The Right Way" promise.

Through various empowerment, business skills & entrepreneurial training programs, Coca-Cola Myanmar have positively impacted the lives of more than 60,000 women in Myanmar over the past six years. It was the agency's job to take this and create a campaign for international women's day that would tell inspirational stories of empowerment and success, supporting corporate reputation and gender inclusion using its nationwide supply chain and reach.


Take the focus off the brand while still promoting a positive image and reputation for Coca-Cola as a corporate citizen.