Campaign details

Brand: Hennig-Olsen Is
Agency: Nucleus AS


Motivated by polar explorer Astrid Furholt, employees at Norwegian ice cream maker Hennig-Olsen Is raced each other in an epic campaign to the South Pole. The Polar Race boosted job satisfaction, improved health and increased productivity and reduced sickness absence markedly. The project exceeded expectations by having a net positive effect on the company's bottom line, and made headlines across all traditional Norwegian media.

The challenge

Hennig-Olsen Is is Norway's leading ice cream brand and produces about 30 million litres of ice cream and frozen desserts annually. In May 2017, the company decided to enter into a sponsorship agreement with polar explorer Astrid Furholt. Furholt wanted to become the first female explorer to ski the original route to the South Pole and the ice cream brand wanted to support her mission. Norwegian explorer and polar researcher Roald Amundsen was the first to reach the South Pole in 1911. No woman has ever managed to repeat his epic route.