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Brand: Heinz
Agency: ICF Next

The Situation

In November 2018, Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes was the talk of the NFL. The first-year starter was shattering passing records and inspiring manic levels of media attention, including a massive Nov. 14 ESPN profile that unearthed a PREVIOUSLY unknown fact about pro football's newest sensation: He puts ketchup on everything, even steak.

"What's it like to be famous?" For one thing, it means he eats less ketchup. He spent most of his life putting ketchup on everything. He would get bottles of it for his birthday. But now that everyone is watching every move he makes, he is sheepish about ordering ketchup. At a restaurant recently, his mom, Randi, recognized an unfilled desire as he dove into a steak. "Just ask for it," Randi said. "I know you want it." Patrick wouldn't. So she asked for the ketchup and slipped it to him.