Victoria, the oldest Mexican beer brand that promotes local traditions, wanted to celebrate Day of the Dead and make history from history by creating a short film that portrayed the origins of the celebration as a first phase.

No one had talked about Mictlán for centuries, so Victoria decided to take everyone on a journey through it. This beautifully choreographed film starred Mexican dancer and lead dancer for the English National Ballet, Isaac Hernández. Guided by a poem written by Aztec Emperor Netzahualcoyotl, this was the first ad fully narrated in Nahuatl, Aztec’s native language, aired for the first time in Mexico by showcasing where Day of the Dead comes from we differentiated ourselves from other brands proving the power of our Mexican traditions and igniting pride in younger generations.

To run an effective 360 campaign, we made special editions with AR distributed through Amazon and Rappi, a radio program focused on Mexican legends, special functions in the 2 biggest cinemas in Mexico with films of the temporality and with merchandising clothes and accessories of the Day of the Dead.