Campaign details

Agency: MSL India
Brand: Grofers

The Task

India's e-grocery player - Grofers' performance, reputation and existence at large were questioned by its stakeholders and talent alike with perceptions that it will turn out to be one of those start-ups that shuts shop eventually. This widespread perception resulted in us being tasked with:

  1. Reinvigorating Grofers' narrative, especially the landscape within which it was being compared
  2. Showcase the long-term potential and success of Grofers in shaping India's e-grocery segment

Situation Analysis and Challenges

The brand was facing a spectrum of challenges across its business and operations, including but not limited to:

  • Multiple players entered India's burgeoning e-grocery segment and exited just as quickly due to their hyper-local business model, which left media doubting the category's scope for growth. Grofers became a poster child for this scenario owing to their previous business model of hyper-local and the resulting heavy losses incurred.
  • Grofers did not convey the change in its business model, from hyper-local to an inventory-based model, in media which fed into the existing perceptional challenges, and consequently, a lack of trust in the company's founders.
  • Grofers' low marketing budget led to the brand being almost absent from the visibility spectrum and a silent performer in the category that was continually losing its ground.
  • Rumours of its market exit also worsened the situation. This was correlated with its weak financial health and dipping performance.
  • Lastly, continuous inflow of negative conversations led to erosion of trust among current and potential talent, investors, partners and consumers. News leak of talent rationalization left the industry questioning the company's potential, strategy and shelf life.