Situation Analysis

Every year National Eat Your Vegetables Day is celebrated in June. A time for vegetables to have their shining moment, this 'holiday' is certainly a key time for vegetable brands to make noise in the space.

In June 2018, Green Giant and the Company (Gillian Small Public Relations) partnered on an earned media relations campaign that cost only $1,500 to execute and secured over 150 million earned media impressions for Green Giant. The viral campaign polled Americans in each state to find out what their favorite vegetable was, and then used each state's favorite vegetable to create a colorful veggie map of the United States.

The objective of the campaign was to give media relevant and controversial data and offer Green Giant as an authoritative voice on veggies timed to National Eat Your Vegetables Day. The campaign results far exceeded the objective and quickly propelled Green Giant, and its iconic veggies, to the forefront of consumer conversations - sparking contentious national debate over "America's favorite vegetable," Broccoli.

Research and Insights