Campaign details

Advertiser: Giorgio Armani
Agency: SalterbaxterMSL

The Water Issue

800 million people live in water poverty, meaning they don't have safe or reliable access to clean water.

Over five years, Acqua for life provided 530m litres of water to:

80 communities

7 countries

3 continents 

Acqua For Life believe everyone should have access to the water they need.

Between 2010 and 2014, the Giorgio Armani Acqua for Life campaign has supported the Green Cross international's efforts to promote access to clean water.

The project provides communities with sustainable sources of drinking water, rainwater harvesting systems, wells and boreholes.

But the campaign was failing and under threat. 

The campaign approach was a once a year animation, linked to in store product sales.

There was: limited uptake in the Giorgio Armani markets that countries had disinvested/weren't interested for those rolling out the animation: not enough visibility, the project was not an appealing business and was not raising money as its mechanic was not clear for customers. 

The Acqua For Life campaign needed a new lease of life