Campaign details

Brand: Gemeente Rotterdam
Agency: Bijl PR & Vuurrood

Case Description

The 18th of December 2017, the Rotterdam Council launched a new campaign called ''Pikpraat van straat" (a new invented word meaning mentalk & sextalk) which was created by Bijl PR and Vuurrood. The Rotterdam Council ask Bijl PR and Vuurrood to come up with a concept and strategy to fight against sexual street intimidation in the city of Rotterdam. Bijl PR and Vuurrood manage to create a campaign that enabled women to report any sexual street intimidation by using a specially developed app called: StopApp. For the very first time. Also we constantly create awareness for the topic during 1,5 years with numerous activities.

Research and Insights

In October 2017 this topic on sexual intimidation exploded worldwide by using #metoo. In The Netherlands too, women faced it daily. Therefore there was no need to address the problem as it had already become a trending topic. But still, there was no solution.