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Advertiser: Samsung
Agency: Allison+Partners

A Strategy as Innovative as the Product Itself


Until recently, filmmakers who wanted to use a professional or advanced amateur 4K camera (i.e. four times a full HD camera) had to buy a large video camera for $5k or a bulky DSLR - both of which required you to manually focus the device.


Enter the flagship Samsung NX1 interchangeable lens mirrorless camera. For under $1.5k the NX1 gives filmmakers the flexibility of a smaller camera with autofocus so virtually everyone can shoot in 4K like a pro.


Introduce Samsung as a player in the 4K space.


While nailing product reviews was important to changing perceptions of professional filmmakers and videographers, the NX1 was going to be a powerful tool in the hands of professionals and amateurs alike. To reach potential users in genres like nature, web series, film festivals, music and beyond, Allison+Partners engaged professional and advanced amateurs to create five diverse 4K projects that showcased the capabilities of this amazing camera.