Campaign details

Advertiser: French corn/maize industry bodies (AGPM, FNPSMS, Gnis)
Agency: Burson-Marsteller
Country: France


France produces more corn (maize) than anywhere else in the EU. But corn production has a bad reputation for using too much water, polluting soil and using too many pesticides. The French corn/maize industry bodies (AGPM, FNPSMS, Gnis) asked Burson-Marsteller i&e to build a three-year campaign to demonstrate corn's contribution to modern French agriculture, the economy, and everyday life.

The idea behind the ingeniously simple 'Cet epi m'epate!' (This cob is amazing!') campaign was to show people that they are already using corn in surprisingly positive ways without realizing it. The three-year integrated campaign leveraged earned, paid and shared channels.

Objectives of the campaign

The French population is aware that corn is used to feed farm animals and that it can be found in our food, particularly processed products such as cereals. However, less than 45%* of them know that once corn has been transformed into cornstarch, it can enhance the performance of cosmetics as well as pharmaceutical and household products.