Campaign details

Agency: AvianWE
Brand: Aids Healthcare Foundation India Cares

With 2.1 million Indians infected with HIV infection, India accounts for the third highest number of people living with HIV in the world. To make matters worse, the central government's shoestring budget for HIV prevention care programmes has minimised condom distribution to only 16%. To address this situation, AHF India decided to launch India's first 'Free Condom Store' where one could easily place orders for condoms and they would get delivered to their homes for free.

However, be it offline or pnline, people, even the youth, don't discuss condoms or safe sex. Any conversation on condoms is considered taboo. It was critical for us to find a creative and impactful trigger to get people to notice and talk about the new store.

Another challenge we faced was that we got only two days from the day the brief was given to us and the day the condom store was supposed to go live. So, there was no time to conduct an elaborate campaign. We needed something to go viral, and fast!

Campaign objectives

  • Launch India's first ever 'Free Condom Store' on social media. Break the taboo; get people to talk about condoms and ask for them without inhibitions.
  • Reach out to over a million people.

Audience insights and research

  • 75% of the target audience consume video content today. A good video gets shared online and tends to have a good viral quotient vis-a-vis other formats of communications like written text or images.
  • There were already loads of videos on condoms and safe sex on social media. However, there was rarely any engagement on those videos. Hence, there was no point in making another boring, educational video.
  • Social experiment videos in which people are exposed to situations and their reactions recorded unfiltered seem to work well in the online space.

Harmony of strategy and execution

  • Basis our insights, a social experiment was conducted where we went out and asked young couples if they engage in safe sex practices or use condoms. We captured the reactions of many young couples on camera who were shy of talking about the use of condoms or indulging in safe sex practices.