Campaign details

Brand: Ford
Agency: H+K Strategies


China is a market where car brands need to do something to stand out: enter Super Test Drive, the world's first automobile vending machine.

As the future of the automotive industry, the machine needed to be launched with a suitable amount of fanfare, but in a way that didn't spook Ford's loyal army of dealers across China and also drove real business results.

After creating tight and nuanced messaging, we produced a flawless PR campaign and an innovative launch event that balanced hype with reassurance – the reaction to Super Test Drive was a wholly positive one.

Not only did the striking image of China's first auto vending machine grab headlines around the world, but almost 300 test-drives were booked directly following the launch. We achieved coverage across top-tier media including CNBC, Reuters, WSJ, TechCrunch, South China Morning Post, Mail Online and Forbes.