Campaign details

Brand: Ford
Agency: A WPP blended team

The Assignment

With 300m cars and 250m bikes in Europe, tension between drivers and cyclists is at an all-time high. Cyclists account for 1 in 12 road deaths and this needs to change. This led Ford to use behavioural science to provoke behaviour change and understanding between road users. Ford created WheelSwap, an empathy-based VR tool to enable cyclists and drivers to see the other road user's perspective. When put to the test 70% of participants' empathy increased and, after two weeks, 60% changed their behaviour.

The Challenge It Presented

With ever increasing numbers of motorists and cyclists on European roads today, flashpoints between road users are an all-too frequent sight. It's a sad fact that cyclists account for 1 in 12 of all road accident fatalities. With proven benefits to health, air quality and congestion, many cities are actively promoting cycling, yet safety remains a major deterrent. Infrastructure that keeps different road users apart struggle to keep pace and haven't yet proven successful.

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