Campaign details

Advertiser: Fira Palvelu
Brand: Fira Palvelu
Agency: Drum Communication
Country: Finland


Repiping projects are a nightmare in Finland. Normally, an apartment must remain empty for 2-3 months while the work is done and one apartment can cost up to tens of thousands of euros. In Helsinki, repiping costs 790 euros per square meter on average.

Fira Palvelut, specializing in repiping renovations, has been developing a repiping project model over the past few years to reduce its impact on the residents. This resulted in the conception of Fira Ketterä ("Fira Agile"), a flexible renovation concept which aims to do exactly that.

At its best, the concept renders an apartment unlivable for only two weeks, as opposed to three months. The Fira Ketterä PR campaign began with bus ads, which set out to bust repiping myths. Simultaneously, Fira Palvelut's blog released myth busting blog posts.