Campaign details

Brand: Fazer Bakery
Agency: SEK and Dagmar


Fazer is known for its innovative bakery products. But even though Fazer has brought some of the most pioneering baked goods to the market, the problem with bread is that it is not seen as modern and exciting by consumers. This is a real challenge for building an innovative bakery brand.

How to tackle this challenge and position the Fazer brand as innovative and modern in the highly competitive food sector?

Creative solution

We changed the game of the bakery business. We took a stance on something that seemed like the distant future: food made of insects.


The first step was to take ownership of the topic. In the summer of 2017, we came out with a social media video, in which Fazer bakers were making experiments with insect flour. In the video, Fazer Bakery expressed its interest in baking with insects when the Finnish legislation will allow it. The statement was widely noticed and as the year went on, the conversation around insect food intensified.