The Challenge

Despite being a global leader in cloud security and performance solutions, F5 had noticed a lack of awareness of its cloud capabilities in Africa.

F5 therefore sought to not only build stronger media and customer relations on the continent, but also to educate and open up relevant conversations with consumers and leading editors, as well as within the company itself.

In order to establish themselves as an expert in the dynamic cloud market and expand their brand presence, the tech company needed to uncover key drivers, challenges and opportunities for African business decision-makers regarding the use of public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud solutions.

This led F5 to the realisation that there was a need for a better understanding of the cloud technology landscape in Africa.

And thus, WE was commissioned to embark on something that had not been done before in the region, to explore the most effective way to conduct an insightful piece of research into the cloud market to not only gain unique insight but also unique content that could drive impactful media-facing PR communications and enable sales.