Campaign details

Brand: European Union Anti-Corruption Initiative
Agency: Gres Todorchuk PR


For 1,5 years the European Union Anti-Corruption Initiative has been systematically supporting the work of Ukrainian newly-created anti-corruption agencies NABU, ARMA, and SAPO. Regular communication strategy of EUACI was mainly focused on local anti-corruption experts and conducted through long press conferences and reports. Therefore, these efforts didn't get much media attention and average Ukrainians or international audience's support.

We've inspired the client to have the courage to move away from habitual forms of delivering messages. Using the edutainment format (education+entertainment), we created the first interactive project in Europe dedicated to the phenomenon of corruption and the fight against it. It comprised 10 separate pneumatic halls with a total area of over 700 sq m. The Park combined educational part telling about the work of Ukraine's Anti-Corruption agencies and entertainment that is vital to draw the attention of the wider audience.